About KASTEK komponenty 

The company KASTEK komponenty was established in 1999 as a purely Czech firm. The sphere of business is the production of moulded parts and shoe components.


  • Ing. Pavel Kadlček        80% of business share

  • Ing. Stanislav Slovák    20% of business share

The company was focused only to the manufacturing of shoe components at the beginning (Lady, Kids and Men soles in variable design (TR and PVC material). The important part of this programme is the production of other different plastic parts (as f.e. logos, protectors,..)

Afterwards the programm expanded into the manufacturing of technical pressings, especially for automotive and furniture industry.

Our aim is 100% satisfied customer, that´s why we lay emphasis on the quality, on-time delivery and other customer´s wishes.

Progress of our company

1999 Foundation of the company KASTEK komponenty (assignation of assets and current liabilities, machines, skilled workers, mainly of the know-how related to soles production from Kastek UB)
Start of production of the shoe components in the area leased from Lidova tvorba company.
2000 purchase of production areas
Investment: purchase of Maingroup machine
2001 administration building construction
2002 purchase of stock areas from the company "Lidová tvorba"
2003 existing production expanded into production of technical pressings
certification ISO 9001:2000
pressing plant construction
Investment: purchase of Demag 200 t
initiating of production for automotive industry
2004 Investment: purchase of Demag 300 t
Investment: purchase of Demag 350 t


Investment: purchase of Demag 420t + robot


Investment: purchase of Demag 160t


Investment: purchase of Demag 330t